NZ Government and Social Media

Social media is not only used for personal use and business use, it is used by governments too. As social media became more popular through the years, governments realised that they can now communicate with the public and distribute their views, believes, debates and news more efficiently and also influence elections. According to New Zealand Parliamentarians and... Continue Reading →

Social Media and Small Businesses

As social media platforms was introduced to the world, small businesses, non-profit businesses and larger organisations realised the strength of their online presence.  Businesses could provide customers with new product information, online sales and gain feedback which provided faster and more efficient sales, not only in one region but throughout the whole world.  Today I... Continue Reading →

The World Wide Web – From Web 1.0 to Web 5.0

The World Wide Web  Most websites contain the letters "www" in their addresses, but what exactly does "www" stand for and what does it mean?  To answer these questions lets start of by looking at a definition from . "www" stands for "The World Wide Web" which is a subset of the internet.  It links and connects documents together that... Continue Reading →

What is Blogging?

Blogging is defined by as a "website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites".  Blogging is used as an interactive platform of communication with viewers or followers, to bring up ideas, believes, information and knowledge.  Within a blog people can read about ideas, look at photos,... Continue Reading →

What is this term “Social Media” that everyone is talking about?

From Facebook to Instagram, YouTube to Twitter, millions of pictures, data and information are shared around the world amongst people in a matter of seconds every day. But what exactly is social media? How many people around the world use it? What makes it so popular? And where did it all begin? To answer these questions lets start... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my blog for Social Media Networks for Business! This blog will consist of weekly commentaries on quotes, questions, links and website critiques.  I will also focus on social media issues we are currently facing and how we can deal with them. Hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment and join the discussion... Continue Reading →

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